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What Our Patients Say:

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Garfinkel Family Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office with any questions or comments Want to share your story? Call us!

When you tell a friend about chiropractic,
you offer encouragement.

When you tell a work associate about chiropractic,
you offer direction.

When you tell a loved one about chiropractic,
you offer hope.

Encouragement, Direction, Hope.
Each begins the healing process.


Enjoyed the friendliness of everyone in the office. Looking forward to coming again.

Ellen O.


Dr. Rob is easy to talk to and I am confident that with his knowledge and skills my treatment will be successful. I have only received one week treatment and already feeling much better.

Beatrice C.

So Knowledgeable:

I really enjoyed meeting Dr. Garfinkel. He is so knowledgeable and tries to explain to patients in a way that we can understand. I’m really looking forward to seeing what he can do to make me feel better.

Nicole P.

Pediatric Care:

I first met Dr. Garfinkel this past September. I had been in a minor car accident that was causing major pain in my neck. Having worked for a chiropractor when I was younger I knew the first place I should seek help for my pain was with chiropractic care. I was in Dr. Garfinkel’s office within four hours of being in the accident. Within a few days I was feeling better and a few weeks later I was almost back to myself. I knew this would be the case because I had witnessed many patients being helped when I worked for my former boss.

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This past March before meeting Dr. Garfinkel I gave birth to my almost perfect son. I say almost perfect because he was born with a blockage in the tube coming off his left kidney. This tube is supposed to be the passage way for urine to come into the bladder. Within one month of being born my son was diagnosed with Severe Hydronephrosis, I was told he would most certainly need surgery and that surgery would probably need to be done before his first birthday. We had to take him for frequent visits to the urologist and he was put on antibiotics to prevent infection.

By the time he turned six months doctors became really concerned. At this point I had taken him to three very well respected pediatric urologists and all of them said the same thing surgery would be inevitable. He was scheduled to have one more test to confirm the inevitable surgery we were facing. It was at this point that I shared my story with Dr. Garfinkel. Dr. Garfinkel made no promises but said why not try an adjustment on Nicholas (my son).I thought why not, an adjustment can only help his body function better. We started having Nicholas adjusted a couple of times a week for four weeks before his Big test.

Well much to our surprise and our urologist surprise Nicholas’s big test turned out great, the blockage had started to open and urine was passing through. The surgeon was so surprised, he said to me, “I thought I was going to be admitting Nicholas for surgery today, instead I don’t need to see him for Six Months.” I couldn’t believe it, who knew that his adjustments would have such a profound effect on the health of his kidney! I thank God everyday for my little accident, that accident kept my baby out of surgery!

Thank you Dr. Garfinkel for keeping my whole family healthy!

Erin Guerrero

Meeting our Communities Expectations:

I am at 50 year old business professional, in general good health except for a pain in the neck, most likely due to years of stress and strain, and holding the telephone with my ear to shoulder. Last year, on new years eve, I made a resolution to finally go to a chiropractor and “fix” my neck problems.

Having been to chiropractors in the past, as well as physical therapy for various sports injuries, I had a high level of expectation that satisfactory resolution would be reached.

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My concerns in finding the right chiropractor were:

  • capability and knowledge on the part of the treating doctor
  • proficiency in the staff
  • proximity of the office
  • technology of the office
  • flexibility of hours
  • speed of service

I needed to be seen by a quality provider, in a great local office, supported by a fully equipped and competent staff. (something that I had NOT been accustomed to from past chiropractors.)

Upon the initial contact with MY chiropractor, Dr. Garfinkel, and speaking with his support team, I was immediately impressed by their ability to listen, and actually “hear” what I needed, and, was further impressed by the delivery of their services. There is a general atmosphere of true patient care and concern that permeates the facility, and a calm, cool attitude of friendliness with devout professionalism that comprises the core of this practice.

I would highly recommend that any and all with the desire to “correct” the ailments that they are dealing with day in and day out, to simply take the first step towards wellness by stepping into Dr Rob’s office.

The rest will be in fully capable hands, and the results speak for themselves.

Thank you,

David J. Mahler


I am a 60 year old computer specialist who now tutors mathematics. I have suffered from a condition called neurofibromatosis (NF) for 30 years. During that time I have had many surgeries to remove benign tumors throughout my body. These surgeries and the effects of NF have left me with pain throughout my body, weakness in my arms and legs, and balance problems.

I have tried many traditional treatments such as pain killers, physical therapy and surgery, as well as alternative treatments such as acupuncture, chiropractic care, and even faith healing. Most have helped but only for a short time of 6 weeks or so.

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During a particularly bad pain episode, a good friend of mine recommended Dr. Robert Garfinkel. The last time that I had used a chiropractor was not a good experience. The adjustment was painful and I felt it did not help. My friend assured me that Dr. Garfinkel was very gentle and might be able to help me. My friend had mentioned me to him during his own visits, and Dr. Garfinkel said that he might be able to help.

I decided to try. As promised, Dr. Garfinkel was very gentle. He explained that since I had my condition for a long time, it might take a while before I would feel any results. However, after the first adjustment, I got some relief. I continued to go three times per week for a few months, and now I go twice a week. The particular pains in my neck that first prompted me to go to Dr. Garfinkel has never returned. The pains in my arms and legs are better. I now have more ‘good’ days than ‘bad’, and usually feel better leaving his office.

Because of my prior bad experience with chiropractic, I was very skeptical that this would be any different. I was happily wrong and would highly recommend Dr. Robert Garfinkel to anyone who is looking for help and relief.


Life Without Pain:

I am taking this opportunity to share my feelings about the practice of chiropractic and about Dr. Rob Garfinkel in particular, my personal experiences with it and him.

I am a senior citizen who is still actively at work and with a full social life. I’ve been an advocate of chiropractic for almost 35 years, although it took a very long time of prodding by friends for me to try a chiropractor. I did so as a last resort, suffering from a terrible stiff neck for a number of years and was at a point that I could no longer drive a car or turn my head. My original experience was wonderful and I’ve been outspoken supporter of chiropractic ever since.

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After letting my chiropractic care lapse for an extended period of time, it was my good fortune to arrive at the doorstep of Dr. Rob Garfinkel, who became my chiropractor and kept me feeling exceptionally well — so well in fact that I again let a period of time elapse in my chiropractic care. It was during this time in which I began a long day’s journey into pain.

This journey began in my knee with a pain which did not go away. The pain progressed to my hip and back. So I went to an orthopedist who began a series of injections in my knee, but told me that the pain in my hip and back was also arthritis but that he had no magic bullet to help me with that pain, nor could he give me painkillers or anti-inflammatory drugs since I was on a blood thinner. He said that I would have to grin and bear the pain, after all this is what happens to us as we age.

My mistake was in assuming that since chiropractic would not be able to help my knee, it also would not be able to help my hip and back because they were both arthritic in nature. ONE SHOULD NEVER ASSUME.

And so I did grin and bear the pain for a couple of months – feeling my life force being drained away. I no longer had any desire to do the ordinary things of life – I was miserable at work and thought I might have to retire since sitting at my desk was torture – I didn’t want to go out with friends – even family visits had become overwhelming. Pain had become my existence – there was no escape, night or day.

I thought that perhaps physical therapy would help and got a prescription for it. As I was about to call for an appointment, a sense or foreboding came over me. I was in such physical torment that I was afraid to have anyone actually touch me.

So instead, in a measure of desperation, I picked up the phone and called Dr. Rob. He was so wonderful – so understanding – so reassuring – it defies description how sweet he was to me over the phone. He told me come in and talk to him. I did – and since I have such trust in him – he convinced me to lie down on the table and let him adjust my back. I can assure you that it was with a great deal of trepidation that I allowed that to happen.

I should not have feared, he gave me an adjustment and I got off the table, and for the first time in months I was practically pain free – not just a simple reduction in pain – but for all intents and purposes I was pain free and have remained so.

I am grateful beyond words for his kindness and professionalism-his caring and his skill. I have my life back – what else needs to be said!

Pearl K.

Vertigo Relief:

Chiropractic care has made a difference in my life. Three years ago, I had severe vertigo. The doctors gave me Antivert for the dizziness. I saw an ENT, had a c-scan and everything was normal. All they could suggest was to see a neurologist.

At that point, I was scared thinking this was how things were going to be. So I got the number to Dr. Garfinkel, called early one Saturday morning and was able to come in right away. From the very first adjustment, I got relief!

Chiropractic care treats the problem, not just the symptoms. I continue to get adjustments once a week- and I no longer have any vertigo.

Thank you chiropractic and thank you Dr. Rob!

Mary S.

Neck Pain:

I have worked in the medical field over 35 years with doctors all over Long Island. Two years ago I was having problems with my neck. I was going for therapy. The true I did not start to get better until I started coming to Dr. Garfinkel, one of the greatest chiropractors in New York State.

Thank you for the fine services you do.
God Bless You

Mr. Alexander Mc Neil

Arm Pain

For months, discomfort in my arm had been a part of my life. The smartest decision I made was to go to Dr. Rob’s office for help. He quickly diagnosed the problem and his gentle hands worked their magic. I feel good now and and grateful for his expertise and his professionalism.

Having chiropractic care regularly is my gift to myself.

Tina Blankstein

Low Backaches

When I first started with Dr. Rob, I was actually coming from another Chiropractor that retired. I was undergoing severe lower backaches and even though I was being treated by another chiropractor, I wasn’t seeing too much of an improvement. Here it is 4 years later I could do more now than I was able to when I was in my 30’s. Even though my back aches me from time to time, I know that my rate of no pain will ease up after 1-2 treatments. Dr. Rob is a personable person. Each person is treated not only with respect but with a life long friendship which is hard to find nowadays.

M. Cassorla

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