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Meet Our Team

Elyce Sherman:

I have been a chiropractic assistant with Garfinkel Chiropractic since 2008 and you will usually see me at the front desk welcoming you with a warm smile. You’ll also see me assisting with patient spinal rehab, and working in the insurance department.

What makes my job so great, is that I love to share my knowledge of health and wellness with all of our patients, encouraging everyone to be very proactive with their health, our most important asset!

I have utilized chiropractic care for myself and my whole family from early on and   we have experienced firsthand the amazing power that our bodies have for healing. When my husband had severe sciatica disabling him from the everyday activities of our daily lives, our chiropractor was the only doctor to address the underlying problem and get him back to his normal lifestyle. As we began to understand how chiropractic helps the body heal and work to its fullest potential, that encouraged me to adopt chiropractic for myself and our children. My whole family has reaped the benefits for decades.

I live a very active lifestyle, love spending time with friends and family, and adore my dog Olly!

I’m excited to be part of the Garfinkel Chiropractic TEAM and helping all our patients realize the healing benefits of chiropractic care. You can feel confident that we will always treat you like you’re a part of our family!

Garfinkel Family Chiropractic Team | (516) 783-8300