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Revitalize Your
Health at
Garfinkel Family

Whether you’ve been putting up with pain for years or would like to maintain your good health naturally, we are ready to help you at Garfinkel Family Chiropractic. Since 1995, Bellmore Chiropractor Dr. Robert Garfinkel has been providing his patients with highly effective and drug-free chiropractic care.

Restoring Function Naturally

Dr. Garfinkel uses an array of effective and gentle chiropractic adjusting techniques to remove nerve tension and stress to help his patients experience a restoration of function. Greater function translates to an improved quality of life. When you are able to move freely, you can get back to all of the activities in life you enjoy-such as golfing, gardening, cycling or playing with your grandchildren. We also aim to rehabilitate posture as posture is essential to good health.